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Robert Gowan has been a composer and songwriter since graduating USC in 2008. Receiving his B.A. in music, he has written and recorded six studio albums with his band Wasted Wine. Frequently working with songwriting partner Adam Murphy, Robert wrote his first feature score for 'Victims' in 2010 and has since shifted his focus towards film composition working on numerous short films and video games. Each score is tailored to the project creatively and vastly different in tone and instrumentation. While diversity and range remains a passion, as a violinist, one of his strengths remains string orchestra arrangements.

A behind the scenes look at the scoring process of the short film "Period." with filmmaker Kira Bursky and composer Robert Gowan. Video created by Kira Bursky of All Around Artsy productions. Shot at Other Southern Studios in Greenville, SC.
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For Hope

2018 Short Film by Jay William Thomas.

Original Score by Robert Gowan & George Colyer.



2018 Mobile Game by Oz Machine.

Original Soundtrack by Adam Murphy & Robert Gowan.



A 2018 short film by Robert Gowan & Kira Bursky.

Original score by Robert Gowan.


She Once Was Distant

2018 Winner of the 48 Hour Film Festival in Asheville, NC for Best Film & Best Cinematography by All Around Artsy.

Original score by Robert Gowan & Adam Murphy created in the 48 hours.


Projection Artists

Short film by Robert Gowan & Kira Bursky as part of the international 48 Hour Film Project.

Original score by Robert Gowan created in the 48 hours.

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2013 Feature film by Cameron Cook.

Music by Robert Gowan & Adam Murphy.

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Fake Emma

Robert Gowan & Kira Bursky’s 2017 Winner of Best Scripted Film at the 100 Words Film Festival.

Music by Wasted Wine.

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Demon Pills

All Around Artsy’s 2017 short film for the New Orleans’ 48 Hour Film Project. Winner of Best Sound Design.

Original score by Robert Gowan created in the 48 hours.


Emmeline Muffet Gives Up Her Tuffet

2013 Short Film by Stephen Boatwright.

Music by Wasted Wine.

Horror Sounds - Screenshot.png

Horror Sounds

Sound effects created for Wasted Wine’s 2017 Halloween promotion video.

Sound effects by Robert Gowan.

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My Show

All Around Artsy’s 2017 short film for the Asheville, NC 48 Hour Film Project.

Original score by Robert Gowan created during the 48 hours.

Other Works Include:

  • 2017 Score for Niad Dance Studio Commercial.

  • 2014 Score for Corey Wavle’s film ‘KID AVENUE: Chapter Zero’.

  • 2012 Score for Brian Haimbach’s stage production of Elephant Man with The Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC.

  • 2007 Spoken word score for Ananda Dance company.