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Film Production

Producing short films, commercials, and music videos, Robert Gowan has written and directed three short films since 2017 along with collaborator Kira Bursky of All Around Artsy. In 2017, ‘Fake Emma’, Robert and Kira’s submission to the 100 Words Film Festival on Best Scripted Film. Robert also won Best Cinematography in the 2018 48 Hour Film Project in Asheville, NC. In addition to producing content, Robert frequently assists other productions in roles such as, Cinematographer, Sound, Post-Sound Mixing and Sound Design, Production Coordinator, Production Assistant, and Editor.

‘She Once Was Distant’ Directed by Kira Bursky. Winner of Asheville’s 2018 48 Hour Film Project for Best Film and Best Cinematography, July 2018. - Cinematographer, Production Coordinator, Music, & Post Sound.

‘Foreshadow’ by Robert Gowan & Kira Bursky. September 2018. - co-Cinematographer, co-writer, co-Director, Music, & Post-Sound.

‘Call My Heart Back Home’ by Christie Lenée, September 2018. - Cinematographer and co-Production Coordinator.

‘The Bones of Me’ by Ian Ridenhour. August 2018. - co-Cinematographer, Editor.

‘Building Climate Hope at Home’ directed by Dayna Reggero. September 2018. - Cinematographer, Audio, & Editing.

‘Friends With No Benefits’ by Catalyst Ct. July 2018 - Cinematographer.

‘An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest Of Your Life’ by Steve Martin & Martin Short Netflix Comedy Special. May 2018. - Production Assistant.

‘Period.’ directed by Kira Bursky. September 2018. - Production Coordinator, Music, & Post-Sound.

‘You Help Me Fall Asleep’ by Ian Ridenhour. November 2018. - Production Coordinator, Assistant Camera Operator, & Gaffer.

‘Fake Emma’ Directed by Robert Gowan & Kira Bursky. Winner of Best Scripted Film in the 100 Words Film Festival. November 2017. - co-Director, co-Cinematographer, & Post-Sound.

‘AVL Funk’ by Ryan RnB Barber. November 2017. - Cinematographer & Assistant Director.

Rush Morgan live at My Sister's Store in Traveler's Rest. May 2018. - co-Cinematographer & Editor.

‘Projection Artists’ by Robert Gowan and Kira Bursky. December 2017. -  co-Director & co-Cinematographer.

‘Projection Artists’ by Robert Gowan and Kira Bursky. December 2017. - co-Director & co-Cinematographer.

‘The Post Office’ by Wasted Wine. December 2014. - Director, Cinematographer, & Editor.

‘Blackbird Lullaby’ by Morgan of the Pines. November 2017. - Co-Director, Cinematographer, and co-Editor.

Niad Dance Studio Commercial. October 2017. - Director, Cinematographer, Sound, & Editor.

‘I Told You’ by Wasted Wine. January 2015. - Director, Cinematographer, & Editor.

‘Perpetual Spirals’ by Wasted Wine. July 2011. - Director